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Do you ever wonder why is content so important?

Website content is the key to improving your organic ranking

Trust me when I say no website is perfect. There is no website on the whole of the internet that will have no issues and be 100% clean, it’s just not possible. However you can get your website to be as perfect as it can be with the right content and this is why we are going to discuss why content is so important.

Your website might not be getting found on Google; then again it probably isn’t because why else would you be here on a professional SEO website. A huge reason and area in which businesses suffer is because they aren’t including the right content on their website, users aren’t seeing what they want to see and most importantly the search engine isn’t.

It’s really easy to climb the rankings with website content, you just need to know what to do. There are a lot of benefits of different content methods which all add up to improving your website ranking.

Tell me why is content so important

I know, I know, you’re here for one reason and one reason only and that is to find out why is content so important. I won’t leave you waiting let’s take a look and identify the benefits of different content methods.

What content can I include to improve my organic position?

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Reviews
  • Blog posts

By having images on your website it’s going to be more eye-catching and engaging for the user, as well as this, by using images and ensuring you include all the right alt tags and titles for the image the search engine crawlers will notice that you are including images that are related to and relevant to your content which really helps you boost your rankings, just with this you’ve got to understand why is content so important! Isn’t this just one easy way to climb the rankings with website content?

What can I say about videos? Videos are one of the best forms of content that you could have included on your website. Real people, real faces, real information being provided to you about what you want to know. If you’re a business have you thought about having a YouTube business account?

As you can see here this is a video review from one of our clients. When users land on our site one of the first things they see is 6 client video reviews, this being one of them.

Infographics really are a brilliant method for you to climb the rankings with website content. Infographics have everything you need and more! They are informative, eye catching and best of all straight to the point. You will get all you need to know out of the one image, what more could you ask for!

I’ve got to say, if you haven’t got any reviews on your website what are you thinking? Reviews are one of the answers to why is content so important! This is more for user experience, if people are visiting your website and see reviews from real people about your products and services then this is going to help you build a more trustworthy reputation and more chance of generating more sales. One of the best forms of reviews are definitely video reviews, just take a look at ours and you’ll see the quality in them.

Finally, does your website have a blog? If the answer is no then my response is simply get one. Blog posts are a key feature to a successful SEO campaign. New posts means increased activity on your website which will then get indexed frequently helping you to climb the rankings with website content. Read our blogging tips here!

There are a variety of benefits of different content methods but one that I think is great is the fact that with more content comes more keywords. You can target so many more keywords within your website allowing you to get found for more and more key terms.

You must understand by now why is content so important!?


Georgia’s final thought

Content is key so isn’t is about time you use it to the best of your ability? With more content comes higher rankings which then creates more website traffic, leads and sales. As well as this you’ll be keeping your audience informed and updated frequently which of course is something you want to be doing.

If you want to climb the rankings with website content then simply include these different forms of content on your website, you’ll soon be feeling the benefits of different content methods!

However, if you need the help of a professional who knows fully what they are doing, what are you waiting for, contact Liverpool’s #1 SEO company, we know why content is so important and what needs doing to improve your organic ranking so trust us, rely on us, we can get you found on the first page of Google.


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