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We specialise in getting websites found at the top end of Google with our SEO skills. If you need a Liverpool SEO agency, we’re ready to help

Our job is to rank your website high on Google, improve visitor stats, make your phone ring and provide a healthy SEO ROI!

It all starts with a free website SEO audit.


    PPC and SEO experts using the following

    Fantastic SEO in Liverpool from just £77 per week

    That’s right, for £77 per week we’ll get your website at the top end of Google for the search terms your customers are typing.

    We’ll provide live 247 reports, meaning at anytime you can see how we’re getting on and what we’re doing for the money you pay us.

    We provide the following PPC, Social Media and SEO services in Liverpool

    The bottom line is this; your website needs to generate more visitors to help increase your business revenue. Below are the 3 areas that we specialise in. Our £77 per week SEO, which is £11 per day, will get your website found for between 10 and 15 keywords, post on Google Business and Bing Places, while should you require it, we can run a small Google AdWords campaign that will immediately generate calls and enquiries.

    • SEO by Merseyside WebSEO by Merseyside Web


      SEO campaigns that are tailored around your business, increase your calls/web enquiries, and deliver a fantastic ROI.

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    • Local SEO MarketingLocal SEO Marketing

      Local SEO

      Local Google SEO campaigns that result in improved organic search positions and generate increased leads from prospective local clients.

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    • PPC by Merseyside WebPPC by Merseyside Web


      We can setup, manage and run your PPC campaign utilising Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Better ROI. Decreased CPC. Improved CPA.

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    We get asked these questions a lot

    How long before my website is top of Google?

    Our aim is to get you there as quickly as possible, however it all depends on factors such as how well your website is optimised, how far ahead your competitors are, and what keywords we target initially?

    Is it really £77 per week?

    In short, yes. For that we’ll target between 10 and 15 keywords on Google and post weekly on Social Media.

    Can you just run and audit?

    Yes, simply fill out the audit request and we’ll send you (free of charge) a detailed website audit. We’ll even give you free advice

    How often will I receive reports?

    You’ll have access to our live keyword reporting software and Google Analytics. On top of that we’ll email you a jargon free report each month.

    Isn’t PPC a better option?

    Yes and No. SEO is long term, while PPC is very much for now, or short term. We can run a PPC campaign along side your SEO and Social Media campaign, meaning you’ll get instant results!

    Am I guaranteed to be top of Google?

    Taxes and death are your only guarantees in life, however in order for us to retain you as a client, our job is to get your website as high up on Google as possible, and yeh, ideally top spot!

    How long have you been in business for?

    A few years ago we rebranded from Pirl Media and all in all we’ve been going for over 15 years! We’re good at what we do and a solid choice for anyone looking to increase online sales for their business.

    Where are you based?

    We are a real Digital Marketing Agency based just outside Liverpool City Centre, on Boundary Street. If you like tea and cakes, pop in and meet our team of 15 cake hungry SEO nerds!

    How many months do I sign up for?

    We’ve been in this game long enough to know that contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Before any campaign we’ll give you realistic milestones and target dates and it’s up to you if you give us that time frame. We ask for a 30 day notice period, but generally we don’t lose clients as we’re good at what we do

    Is SEO worth it and still effective?

    You’ve already answered that by finding us at the top of Google. Now do a quick check to see where your competitors are on Google! Short answer; yes. Long answer; hell yes! Our job isn’t just to get your website at the top end of Google, it’s to make your phone ring and generate more online sales and enquiries for your business!

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