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Google AdWords are a useful way of advertising your business and getting your website seen on the SERPs. The problem is, they’re Pay Per Click which means if you’re not sure what you’re doing, or haven’t set them up properly – they can be an extremely expensive mistake to make!

Anyone can setup and manage a Google AdWords campaign, but like with everything else in business, the devil really is in the detail!

We have experience and expert knowledge of how AdWords works, and what needs to be done to make the most of your budget.

Whilst we do aim to get the top spot for each keyword (naturally), there are always competitors and the overall PPC will increase based on their bidding settings, and the peak times when customers are searching.
In order to give you the best possible ROI, we’ll target the main-stream keywords, but also look at more specific, localised ones, these might have lower search numbers – but will actively send more visitors interested in converting to paying customers, to you, after all what’s better for your bottom line? 1,000 general visitors that convert to 200 sales, or 500 interested visitors that convert to 400 sales!
“Our job is to send customer to your website, using the least amount of your budget!”
To give your AdWords campaigns the best chances of success, we look at the following:
  • Extensive and ongoing keyword research
  • Adverts built, tested and always tweaked
  • Receive a healthy ROI
  • Better CPA, lower CPC and a great all round service!
Why use Google Adwords

Comprehensive research

During the research phase, we’ll identify the best performing keywords for you to target, and we don’t just stop there! We also look at the days and times when potential customers are searching, and what (if anything) is happening in your industry and location.

We’ll also extensively research your competitors, to get a firm understanding of when they advertise, and a general idea of their advertising spend – so you can do better!
Google Adwords Agency

Testing, testing, and testing again!

Nothing ever works perfectly first time every time, and even if you think you’ve found the most incredible optimisation – the way the digital world works means that it’s never going to be the most perfect for long!

When we create your campaign, we are aiming for low Cost Per Click, better CPA, and for your PPC to work in conjunction with your SEO campaign, so your money is working its hardest, and seeing the most results!
Help setting up Google Adwords
Utilising Google Shopping, as you’d be mad not to!

If you’re selling a physical product, then Google Shopping is an ideal extension of your sales process. We’ll undertake the relevant research, such as pricing, and make sure your Google Shopping listing is accurate, high-quality, and attractive to your customers.


Get found using Google Adwords
Affordable deliverables, every month

As with every element of business, when you do the work – you want to be paid. But we’re not out to cause our clients hardship or set ridiculously high prices. We are confident in our abilities (which is why we don’t ask our customers to sign contracts), know what we can do with our skills, and are committed to doing our job – delivering results, and keeping costs as low as possible, every single month!

We’ll help you set up your Google AdWords campaign and keep tweaking it to perfection! We’ve managed well over 300 PPC campaigns, and all (bar none) needed constant updates as new keywords were added, negative keywords were removed, we sorted out IP address blocks (competitors) and new text adverts.

You can be sure that we aren’t going to sit on your campaign and twiddle our thumbs. We actively ensure that you campaign is running as it should be (smoothly) and is constantly improved – leaving you free to get on with the important task of helping the new customers who’ve now found you!

We’ll collaborate with you on the creation of your campaigns, and likely we’ll be creating multiple campaigns for different landing pages and text adverts. These typically take around 2 working days to create, but before they go live – we’ll run through everything with you.

We want to ensure you understand everything we’ve done, and why it’s been done, and are comfortable with proceeding.

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