Reporting that’s clear, easy and jargon free

Knowing what you’re spending, and whether your budget is working for you is so important to the health and growth of your business, and we respect the need to know at a moment’s notice.

This is why we provide comprehensive SEO and PPC Monthly reporting, as well as access to a 24/7 Client Portal, so even at 3am on a sleepless Sunday, you can see how your campaigns are doing!

SEO is our primary focus for your campaigns, and it’s one of the most complicated processes – so we take extra time and care to ensure that every element of your campaign is covered, explained, and reportable.

Your PPC is important to us too, and we want to make sure you have the right tools to track your tasks. Our award-winning Client Portal allows you to check the progress on:

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  • Accurate keyword positions across search engines
  • Likes, shares, Tweets
  • Website visitor stats
  • Backlinks built and obtained
  • Blog post content
  • Our plan for the following month
  • Live 247, 365 – 100% transparent
  • Goals achieved, milestones met and much more..
Access to our award winning client reporting portal

Easy-to-understand visual reporting with real-time data

Having the information at your fingertips doesn’t mean much if you can’t understand what it says, which is why we keep it simple and straightforward.

When we deliver your monthly reports, we will cover with you everything you need to know, and explain why we’ve done the things we’ve done. You will never be left guessing, or wondering why a certain strategy is in operation – we will always make this clear.


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Easily view and understand what monthly targets and why

Easily view and understand what monthly targets and why

With the research out of the way we’ll get to work and create your campaign. Likely we’ll create multiple campaigns, each with different landing pages and different text adverts. Typically a campaign takes around 2 days to create and before it goes live we’ll run through everything with you, just to make sure you understand and are comfortable with everything. Remember, you are in control.

Depending on your market and of course location the Cost Per Click could range from £0.05 to £50 but what you’ll find is that we’ll run your campaign as cost effectively as possible, meaning our work saves and makes you money.

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Clear, easy to understand visual reporting in real-time data
Keyword statistics

For SEO we’ll tell you what your keyword positions are now, where they were to start with, when you can expect to see improvement, and how many clicks you’re seeing based on each keyword.

For PPC, we’ll let you know how many clicks, the CPC, and the CPA – we’ll also advise you on any areas that need adjustment, those that are doing great, and the occasional few that might need a rethink. We are committed to being open and honest, and will always tell you if there’s something that needs to be changed, we won’t just sit on it and pretend that it’s not happening!

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Check progress 247. Keyword positions, Likes, shares, websites visitor stats and more
Backlink reporting and conversion progress

As part of our SEO campaigns, we help to generate backlinks, by writing and posting engaging content. We help to create link backs to our client’s websites, as well as building Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) backlinks to sites like, 192, etc.

You’re going to want to know exactly how many visitors are becoming paying customers. We’ll help you determine how many of your goals were achieved in the month, what milestones you’ve reached, and what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you should be monitoring in order to fully understand your business position.

Our team of experts work in-house to provide you with the best SEO service in Liverpool and the surrounding area. We are dedicated to bringing you value for money, high-quality results, and sustainable business growth – so your business can go from strength to strength with us!

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Learn more about our top notch PPC and SEO reporting from our SEO blog

Learn more about our PPC and SEO reporting here. Posts are written in house and from industry experts.

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