Website User Experience

Does Your Website Tick all of the Boxes?

It sounds crazy to say but getting visitors to a website is relatively easy, the upshot is converting a visitor into a paying customer and this is what separates the big boys from the erm..not so big boys. We’ve sat down with a fair few SEO clients over the years, some we’ve signed up and some we haven’t but each time we are asked things like:

  • How many clicks will I get?
  • How many links will you build?
  • How long before I am top of Google?

It makes us smile each time because when you explain that work needs to be done upfront and before any ongoing SEO work, sometimes people don’t want to hear reality and would just rather us give answers to questions that no reputable SEO can give. So to clarify something now, if you are given solid answers to the above then back away very slowly :)

OK, so back to the whole Website User Experience thing and why it’s important. Lets say you have a website visitor on your site now but within 8 seconds he/she doesn’t see what he/she is looking for, that could be a price, a referral from another customer, a map, a telephone number – well say goodbye because they won’t continue and will quickly land on a competitors website quicker than you can say high bounce-rate.


But there’s a better way, surely?

For us and if we’re to work for you as your SEO we’ll get your house in order first, ensuring your site is search engine friendly and user friendly. When a customer searches for your site with keyword {whatever your keyword is} they’ll find your site, stay on it, move around and in general do something. Even if they dont fill a form or buy something Google will reward your site with a better rank for the entry keyword.

So there we are, this is why website user experience is important. Don’t get it right, prepare not to get good rankings.

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