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Website Marketing done right

Everyone wants to be top of Google

First things first, this is quite a long post so it might be best to get in a comfy position, pour yourself a cuppa and definately open a packet of Hobnobs.

Every week we get lots of enquiries from prospective customers looking for their site to be found, some really big ecommerce sites, some small trade sites but all (or certainly most) not really having an understanding of what they actually want, they just want to be found at the top of Google….fair enough.

Ten years ago it was enough to just build a few backlinks and in a few weeks hey presto your site would be near the top of Google…ba boom! But now in 2015 Google is a sophisticated beast and is the best search engine because it delivers the best results to the searcher….erm your customer, so our job is to give Google what it wants and in-turn your site will be found in a much higher position.


How we do things around here

(1) Research. Research is key, knowing where your website is on Google, where your competitors website is and what your target customers type (keywords) into Google when they search. Make no mistake, without the research being done properly your campaign will fail.

(2) Implement. With everything researched we’ll now implement the following:

  • SEO. We’ll fully optimise your website for a search engine, remove any errors and ensure that it is targeting the keywords we’ve agreed on during the research phase.
  • UX. We’ll ensure the User Experience of your website is what it should be. When a visitor lands on your site it’s IMPORTANT for them to do something, such as watch a video, move from page-to-page, fill out a form. The upshot is the longer a visitor stays on your website, the better your keyword rank (the one they found your site with) will be.
  • Adwords. Having done the research we’ll know what keywords to target. Using these keywords we’ll setup properly a Google Adwords campaign. This will be linked to your Google Maps address, your G+ account and any reviews happy customers have left. It will also show your telephone number, website URL and specific information.
  • Socials. We’ll now setup properly accounts/pages at Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Youtube. Each social account will be used to send traffic to your website and therefore will resemble your website. Same logo, colour scheme, look and feel.
  • Auto responders. When a form is filled out on your site that information will be sent to an automated email sending system, we love using Mailchimp for this. Your new customer will receive a personalised thank you message and be included in any blog posts you/we write on your websites blog.


(3) Ongoing work. Each week / month we’ll do the following work for you that will result in your website being found by new customers.

  • Improve your Organic position that help improve the positions of the keywords we agreed at the research phase.
  • Maintain and tweak. Nothing is perfect and it’s our job to make sure that if something isn’t working right we fix it. This could be the appearance of a page, the way a form works. In an ideal world everything would work perfectly but web marketing doesn’t belong to the ideal world.
  • Manage Google Adwords. Our job is to ensure your website receives as many clicks for as little money as possible while making a healthy ROI. Sounds easy doesn’t it :). Seriousley, we’ve managed 300+ GAW campaigns and you’ll notice a better conversion rate given your sites good User Experience.
  • Tweet, Like, Message, Post. On your behalf we’ll get your business in front of customers who are active on the main social networks. Everything we do is aimed at sending customers back to your website and social marketing is no different.
  • Reporting. We use Google Analytics as a reporting tool for the work we do. When you are logged in you can see information such as Clicks, Conversions, Keyword Rankings, Social Stats and much more. One of the first things we’ll do is configure your Google Analytics account meaning you can login anytime and see what is happening.



The upshot is we’re going to optimise your site for real customer visitors and Google, make it look and work the way it should and generally increase awareness. We’ll improve your organic keyword positions over time and while that is happening your site will be found via Google Adwords. Our team will also manage all of the major social accounts and when required interact with prospect customers prior to sending them to your site.

This is our take on how to do website marketing properly, if you feel the same why not give us a shout and see how good we are.

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