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SEO Challenge

Take our SEO Challenge

I bet you’re on our website thinking to yourself  ” I could do with some SEO but I can’t afford it “. We hear this alot! However you should understand that good SEO, SEO done right that is should pay for itself.

Our new SEO Challenge is designed for you to tell us what you need and erm..challenge us! Likely you know what you want to spend, you know that your website needs updating and optimising but you are struggling to come up with what you think is what is the going rate for SEO.

The fact is most of our customers have started off paying small, and then in-line with new leads coming through to their website started paying the agreed amount. We think it’s fair to only charge the right amount for SEO when a client is receiving the right amount of leads through SEO.

So what you are you waiting for, click the button in the bottom right of the website and challenge us!

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