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Web Design Companies – the best questions to ask them

The best Questions to ask a Web Design Company – according to a Web Design Company

Over the years we’ve had loads of web design enquiries, most turn into new customers, some don’t, but the majority have the same set of questions – which are:

  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take
  • How many pages will it have?
  • Will do design my logo? I have an idea what I want


OK, so 4 very fair and straightforward questions there but if you’re reading this and thinking about having a new site developed or even re-designed these are some of the questions you should be asking a potential web designer.

  • Can you confirm my website will be built on open source software, such as WordPress or Magento?
  • Do you offer any Free Hosting? If not/so what are the charges and is there a minimum term?
  • Do you provide free training or video training so I can work the back end of the site?
  • Is it easy to add new pages/posts? Can you demonstrate this prior to completing and me paying the balance?
  • Is there a way I can be kept in the loop during the development?
  • How flexible are you if I want the odd page adding and bits changing when complete?
  • Do I need to provide content/images for my site?
  • What about other things such as logos and design sets?
  • What is the cost, payment terms and can you confirm there’ll be no additional charges?
  • Can you put everything down on a clear work proposal and give me some time to think about things?

There are probably 20 or so more things I could think of, but above are 11 questions you should definitely be asking any web design company prior to paying anything out.

At this point of the post you’d probably expect some big up-sell into our Web Design services. Nah, we don’t do OTT sales here so lets keep it simple.

If you want concrete answers to the 11 questions above, a fair price and a good looking/optimised website then we can help (OK, that was a little up-sell after all).


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