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Paid Ads in Google Maps – Yikes

Google Announces Paid Ads in Local Listings

As if it wasn’t difficult enough for the average website owner trying to get their site found, Google have just (well kind of) announced a Game – Changer. Paid listings within Local Packs! In short this means any business that currently occupies position 3 or C – soon won’t.

Remember when it was A, B, C, D, E, F – 6 spaces available for Google Maps, easier for local businesses to promote themselves? That was the life eh?

Then it went to 3! Adwords were removed from the right of our page and and instead of the typical 2-3 Adword placements, it then increased to 3 and in some cases 4. Well now it will be 2 and I bet you the first position A will be the Adword Placement.


So What should I do

I’m not writing this to sell you local SEO, you know we do that and if you need help pick up the phone.

The best thing to do is ensure your website and map are (a) optimised for the end user (Pro tip) The End User isn’t Google so don’t over-optimise. If you keep your G+ and Google My Business updated as much as possible, while keeping your site fresh will good content, you’ll stand a good chance.


Be Positive

The reality is that this will effect your competitors as much as you. You can either sit on your hands or do something to embrace this and make this change work for your business.

Start by improving your Google My Business page, start a Local Adwords campaign and keep updating your website and sharing on G+.


SEO Advice is always free

If you are stuck and worried what will happen (lets say you are currently in position C), give me a call and I will help you. We don’t charge for advice and if you fancy it pop in for a cuppa.

ps. Have a read of the following article by our almost best buddies over at Bright Local. written by Ross Marchant.

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