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The importance of On Page SEO

Any respected SEO agency will tell you that your website should be well optimised prior to starting an SEO campaign, we call this On Page SEO and it’s where we ensure any errors highlighted in your SEO audit are fixed prior to any off page SEO work being done.

There are lots of factors to consider and as we all know by now Google is constantly updating is algorithm, so it’s more important than ever to maintain your site in-line with Google Search Console policies.

Below are some of the things we’ll fix, however not all listed:

  • Identify the best keywords to target.
  • Ensure your site has the correct keyword ratio.
  • Broken links are fixed. External and internal.
  • Broken urls.
  • Headers such as H1 – H6.
  • Site maps – XML and HTML.

I could go on but if you want to see everything I cover just request a free website SEO audit and my team will get to work.


On Page SEO, User Experience and Call to Action

Scenario 1. Your site is optimised, it has fairly decent backlinks pointing to it and on paper you are are looking good. However closer inspection shows your keyword rankings aren’t that great and your bounce rate is through the roof. We see this every day and the fact is 9.9 out of 10 sites user experience isn’t what it should be.

Think of a product…lets say an iPad, what 3 sites do we think of?..I bet Apple, Amazon and eBay are in most peoples answers. Now go to Google and do a search for “iPad” and then click on one of the 3 sites mentioned. You’ll find that you land on a page that has forms, telephone numbers, more information and options about iPads than you could think of, maybe an interactive chat option pops up, possibly a video to click and play.

The upshot is our On Page SEO work will ensure your website is optimised for search engines, reads well for customers and has a great user experience which in short brings down your bounce rate and improves your keyword rankings in Google.

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