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New Year New SEO Rankings

Get The Best Out Of 2016; New Year with New SEO Rankings

It is soon going to be the start of a new year which could mean the start of your online success, think of 2016 as a New Year with New SEO Rankings. This could be the year you let us take control of your SEO Rankings and let us help you climb the rankings in Google and get to the top spot.

If you are a small to medium sized business then we can be the perfect solution to your online problems. If you find that your website isn’t doing enough or as well as you wanted it to do, if it isn’t attracting or bringing in as many customers as you wanted it to this could be down to the fact users aren’t actually finding your website due to your poor SEO rankings, this is where we come in.

Why We Are Different

Here at Pete Duffy SEO we aim to please all of our clients with their individual demands and needs, we do this by being different in the way we operate but hey it must be working seen as we are #1 on Google for what we do.

You may be thinking what do we do different, well here is what we do:

  • Live Reporting – You can have 24/7 access to your reports, we will give you a login and you can see your keyword positions, social stats and website visitors any time you like.
  • Full Payment ONLY when the Results are in – for the first 3 months you will pay a lower set amount, within this time you will see the improvements, once you start ranking better in Google this is when you will the agreed full price,meaning we don’t earn our money until our work is proven to be a success!
  • Page 1 on Google – Like our other clients, you will be able to find yourself on the first page of Google because of high SEO rankings, other companies say they can do this but we prove we can do this by getting you there.
  • Regular Blog posting, keeping your website fresh.

We can make sure it will be a New Year with New improved SEO Rankings for you and your business, all you have to do is take our SEO challenge and our hard work will begin for your company.

What We Can Do For You

Other areas that we will focus on are your keywords, we will use the keywords you want your business to be found for and make sure you are found for them, this way it will be more relevant for your business and the visitors to your website will be users who have an interest in your products/services.

By having people visiting your website who are actually interested and are searching for the products and services you provide then this not only will increase the traffic on your website but will increase your sales which means an increase in revenue which you can use to reinvest back into your business to allow you to grow and expand.

However, it’s simple enough to get a user on your website but it is about keeping them on the website so this is when user experience is a big deal. Your website needs to be designed in a way that will keep visitors happy to stay on your site and search through the different pages, by having people stay on your site this will keep your bounce rate low, which of course you want and will help when it comes to the conversion rate optimisation of your website/business.  

Georgia’s Final Thought

All I can say is if you want to do well online let this be a New Year with New Rankings for your business, what’s the worst that can happen, we get you to the first page on Google and you find your online business getting busier?
It’s easy, all you have to do is fill out of of the many forms on the site, give us a call or give us an email, and we’ll do the rest!

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