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Mobile “Not Very” Friendly Websites still Exist

The continued importance of a mobile friendly website – 4 months on from “Mobilegeddon”

In this day and age it is vital for websites to be capable of performing smoothly both on a desktop and on a device, for example phones and tablets.

If a website isn’t capable of performing on other devices like tablets and phones there will be consequences. One of these is that it will slowly fall down the Google rankings pecking order meaning less people will visit it resulting is lost business.

Kind of an example of what I mean is

Lets say someone breaks down in their car, they’re highly unlikely to have their laptop on them are they, but, they will have their mobile phone ready the jump on the answer to everyones question…Google. Ok yeah, if they’re with the AA or someone else they’ll call them but £85 for that..ouch!

(I digress) The point being that only the local garages who have a good mobile responsive website will be found and the ones who haven’t…you can guess!

So still in August 2015 there are hundreds, no thousands of websites missing out on business because they haven’t updated their sites to be mobile friendly. We can help with that one here.

What a non-responsive website consists of:

  • Unplayable content
  • Faulty redirects
  • Slow mobile pages
  • Blocked JavaScript, CSS and image files
  • Text too small to read
  • Links to close together


Simple. If you’re website isn’t mobile or tablet responsive your business is missing out. Not only on visitors but healthy rankings (they go hand-in-hand) and you’re on the fast road to failure.

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