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There are many types of backlinks but are contextual backlinks useful?

Is it worthwhile building contextual backlinks?

If you’re sat asking yourself are contextual backlinks useful then you’ve come to the right place for the answer. Contextual backlinks are one of the most important and influential types of backlinks there are when it comes to SEO.

Contextual backlinks are a great form of navigation within a website as they are hyperlinks within a webpage’s content that link from one page to another or even other websites. These type of backlinks are great for building authority; so long as they are linking to relevant and useful sources of course.

Although all aspects of the website are classed as website content you won’t be able to find these types of backlinks in all areas. When building contextual backlinks they will only be seen in the actually body of content on the website not the images, videos, forms or navigation bar, just the written content. You may think it sounds pretty straightforward as it’s just adding a link from a piece of text but trust the link building genius when I tell you that it can be a lot trickier than submitting a general NAP listing.


Tell me, exactly how are contextual backlinks useful?

If you are building contextual backlinks but building them properly then there are honestly many benefits of contextual backlinks. However why sit around building your own contextual backlinks when there is a #1 SEO company right here who can do it professionally and properly for you?

Us SEO gurus here at Pete Duffy SEO are here to help, whether it be running your SEO campaign or telling you the benefits of contextual backlinks and how you can use them to the best of your advantage for your website.


  1. On page and off page contextual backlinks are human

When a customer is reading a piece of content that you have shared about your niche and finds a link to your services page they are going to trust you a lot more than they would if they came across other backlinks for your business on sites like Yell and Freeindex. Although these are reputable websites it’s always better coming from your own content.

So you want to know are contextual backlinks useful? Let’s put it to the test. If you was reading through a web page looking for SEO services in Liverpool would you click on the link that said ‘SEO Liverpool’ or ‘’? For those people who don’t know who we are, it is highly likely they are going to click on our website link because they aren’t 100% sure it is relevant therefore they will click through to the link from ‘SEO Liverpool’.


  1.  Contextual backlinks improve user experience!

You’re on a website looking for a certain product or service, what would you rather do, have to navigate your way through each page, scrolling your mouse up and down to find what you are looking for or find a contextual backlink while reading through relevant content which takes you to the page you are looking for?

One of the many benefits of contextual backlinks is the fact they can be used as a sales tool. Within your content you can structure the backlinks so that users will follow each link and finally reach your contact page which could lead them to filling out a form or purchasing something; this is one of your goals, this is what you want!


  1.  With improved user experience comes improved usage metrics!

As users will be navigating their way through your website through the contextual backlinks this will increase the time someone spends on your site which will then increase the number of sessions on your website.

Building contextual backlinks also means an increase in total web pages visited and viewed per session by a user. Are you starting to answer your own question; are contextual backlinks useful?

One of the big benefits of contextual backlinks in relation to usage metrics is the fact that your bounce rate is going to decrease which is great! People won’t be clicking on and straight back off your website. All of your data and metrics can be seen in Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see how building contextual backlinks will improve your website!


  1.  Off page contextual backlinks let you find relative websites in your industry!

When building off page contextual backlinks you’re going to improve Google’s trust in your website; this is what is going to get you ranking. As you will be linking to relevant websites and pages the search engine will be able to see you are a reliable and relevant source and your website will be benefited for that by moving up the rankings.

Building contextual backlinks will help you grow your businesses network with other webmasters websites. You will be able to add value to these other sites and reap great value for your website in exchange.

Finally, you can utilise off page contextual backlinks as a vehicle to carry through the link juice you have accumulated through your tiered link building strategy to your website and watch your search rankings improve.


The final steps to contextual link building success

Are you still asking yourself are contextual backlinks useful? Well if you aren’t then brilliant but if you are not to worry, there is still some more information you should know about contextual backlink building.

If you are stuck for ways to get contextual backlinks for your website then here are some suggestions that can be useful for anyone:

  • Guest posting on industry related blogs
  • Offer sites to use posts from your existing blog that their visitors enjoy
  • Create great content that is written for your users
  • Think of each post as an investment in yourself and your brand


Go, run, become a expert contextual backlink builder

I know, that was a hell of a lot to take in but trust me, it works and if you use each point you’ll soon be noticing the difference in your website. Whether it’s through traffic, bounce rate, sales, anything or everything you’ll see improvements in your SEO!

I think that you should have your answer now to are contextual backlinks useful but just incase..YES of course they are! Directories, NAP listings, video links, image links, blog comments and all other forms of links are really useful and have their own place of importance but contextual backlinks are one of the most powerful.

So, if you are going to try become a contextual backlink building genius like me then good luck but if you want the job doing right to the best ability then contact the real experts when it comes to link building and all aspects of SEO.  


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