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Local SEO services to attract Local Customers

Admittedly that opening line sounds like something from The League of Gentlemen but you get the idea…I hope. Our Local SEO services will help if you are a business looking only to attract customers within your area. We work with lots of local business around the UK and the aim is to have a healthy organic position for keywords and a top Google Map rank when a keyword is typed in. Simple.

SEO for local businesses is ideal for small to medium sized companies. Lets say you are a Plumber in Plymouth or an MOT Garage in Liverpool and your website rankings are, well, non-existent, I can change all of that and move your site both up organically and on the local map listings.

Have a read through my methods tab 1-5 and get an understanding of what I do and lets have a chat. Also, given I have worked as an SEO Consultant for over 15 years it’s very likely I have worked in your field in the past meaning it won’t be a case of trial and error at the start. To coin a phrase; I’ll hit the ground running (sorry for the cliche).

A Local SEO services campaign involves…

To be clear on this a local SEO campaign is no different to a national one except me and my team are  targeting more easier-to-get keywords. Lets use an example of a Car Repair Garage. If I am trying to rank for the keyword “MOT” how difficult in comparison with say “MOT Liverpool” or “MOT Leeds”? The answer of course is that it’s less difficult, although not easy.

The upshot is I still have to do all the SEO research, all the on-page work and likely ensure your websites user experience is what it should be. Following that and like every SEO campaign I will keep you in the loop while sending real visitors to your website.

I’m very passionate about what I do and would love the chance to speak to you. Call me anytime on 0151 329 2509 or message me on Facebook or Twitter.


Hi my name is Peter, I run Merseyside Web and I'm passionate about on-line marketing. Interested in my business working for yours? Our £77 per week SEO services mean that it is now cheaper to rank a local site with Liverpools #1 SEO , than most of our competitors occupying the lower positions on Google! Check out our £77pw SEO services!

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