The most important ways to convert traffic into leadsMersey SEO

The most important ways to convert traffic into leads

What you should know about traffic

You have a product or service, you’ve made a slick, clean, SEO friendly website which is responsive across end users’ devices, you’ve got rich through your engaging content; real customer video reviews, infographics and quality images but isn’t about time you know ways to convert traffic into leads.

For all the hard work you’ve put into your website don’t you think it’s time to turn your visitors into leads and increase conversion rates, generating more sales and increasing your revenue; after all, that’s why you’re in business isn’t it? If you’re at this point or you’re planning on making it here, you’ll need to learn the ways to convert traffic into leads which is all about making website visitors customers.

If you’re here to learn the ways of making website visitors customers then look no further my friend. Let’s start with some key points as the foundation of our SEO crash course on converting traffic into sales and leads

  • A website’s traffic is like a motorway; drivers can exit at anytime, exactly what users can do if they don’t like what they see they will leave giving you a high bounce rate.
  • The fulfilment of a goal of your website. For example: filling out an enquiry form, calling your business, ordering a product or service.
  • Higher ranking websites; Potential leads will search using relevant targeted keywords your business is using, well should be using.

Make sense?


But wait Carl, how do I use keywords on my site?

Well the first thing I’d recommend adding to your website (if you haven’t already) is a blog, this is a great way to increase conversion rates and a start to making website visitors customers.

You may not have given blogs much thought yet, I know I didn’t before I learned how to get websites found on Google with SEO, but blogs are an absolute gold mine with untapped potential when you’re trying to figure out how to attract targeted traffic to a website and convert that traffic into sales. Here’s my argument for blogs:

  1. You are viewed as an expert and more authoritative by visitors, customers and even your competitors if you write and speak frequently on your niche. Do you know what happens when somebody trusts what you’re saying? Of course you do, I’m sure you know your sales lingo inside out by now.
  2. A blog is also an essential part of your website’s link building strategy and you can use it to build relationships with other authoritative websites who may let you write for them, presenting an opportunity for high quality backlinks that can increase your website’s targeted traffic.
  3. You can incorporate multiple internal links between different pages on your website. Make sure you are linking to the more relevant and important pages, the ones that will make the difference.
  4. Every second a visitor spends reading on your website improves your website’s usage metrics, increasing your chance of a lead and ultimately a conversion. Therefore based on this we can draw the conclusion that through using a combination of SEO and a blog, you can improve CRO.
  5. A blog is like a journal. You add one piece this week, the second piece next week and over the course of the year you’ll have the equivalent to an eBook. Imagine searching for your service, reading some of your blog posts and then noticing you’ve wrote an entire book on your niche! Expert or what?
  6. You can easily integrate highly effective Call to Actions throughout your blog posts which can result in your website’s goals being fulfilled, as Pete Duffy would put it: put your eggs in as many baskets as you can;  there is not a great deal of advice more truthful than this in the SEO industry!


So we’ve established that in SEO and SEM, if you want to learn how to attract targeted traffic to a website you’ll need to understand what traffic is, why you want higher traffic, what the methods are to attracting targeted traffic and what SEO work you’ll have to put in to attract targeted traffic and increase conversion rates. However, we’re not done yet but you’re learning a lot about SEO already! I still need to show you other ways to convert traffic into leads.


The ways to convert traffic into leads

You’re at the point now where you are almost ready to convert your traffic into leads but there are a simple few steps you can take to the success of your business and to generating and increasing sales.

Have you thought about the speed of your website? How long does your website actually take too load up? If it is taking too long then chances are users aren’t going to sit around and wait, they will click straight off it.

Testimonials and customer reviews are an exceptional method to use to create sales from your website traffic. Users will see real reviews from other companies/customers and know you are a reliable, trustworthy and professional business.

It’s all about content. Unique, interesting and persuasive content is the key to success online and how to increase conversion rates. This is why blogs are super important. By potential customers seeing you are active on your blog this will give them an insight to the type of company you are.

Finally, it’s all about the right keywords. There are certain keywords that your business should be targeting, think about your main products and services and the different locations that you want to attract to your business.


Now is your time

So now that you’ve learnt the most important aspects you’re ready! You know what you need to do for your business when it comes to making website visitors customers.

By using the information I have provided use it to your best advantage to make the changes you need or focus on new areas to ensure an you are converting your traffic into leads.

If you’re not fully confident in what to do why not leave it to the professionals, leave it to the #1 SEO company in Liverpool; Pete Duffy.


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