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Tell me how many hours you’ll work for me each month

How many SEO hours do you put in?

When it comes to sitting down with a prospect SEO client there is 1 question that we get asked all the time, “How many hours do you work each month”.

It’s a fair question, a client or prospect clients wants to know exactly what they are getting for their money, but the truth is, no matter what other SEO’s tell you it’s very difficult to give an honest answer.

Reasons why:

  • Each client is different and we try not to take on clients within the same industry. For one it would be really boring do the same stuff all the time, for another we’d be kind of competing against each other. (Ever tried playing yourself at Chess?)
  • When it comes to building backlinks, some take 10 minutes to build and some take 10 weeks. (eg) If we outreach to a website owner who can provide a killer backlink pointing to your site, first thing is we need to offer them something, likely some free Google Maps SEO, then more often than not write content that will go on their site, then get it approved. Remember, in the eyes of a backlink partner they are doing us a favour and won’t prioritise the submission of the backlink as much as we would like them to.
  • Competition. The level of competition determines the amount of work required to be done. If for example your business is in a very niche industry were there are only a handful of competitors, the chances are we wouldn’t have to do lots of backlinking and the initial SEO and CRO with occasional backlinking and blog posts would be enough to keep you at #1 for your keywords.

So there you have it folks. The answer to the question is…..we don’t know, but if you ask us to perform a free website audit and put together a quote you’ll soon find out. Also, and the icing on the cake so to speak is that you’ll pay a reduced month SEO fee until at least 50% of your keywords we agree on are found on Googles page 1.

Interested in an SEO campaign? Call our team on 0151 329 2988 or fill out the free audit form and we’ll get on it.


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