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How does Facebook impact on SEO

Learn About Facebook Impact On SEO

When using social media and social networks to help market your business a big question is does Facebook impact on SEO?

The answer is debatable!

Although Facebook social signals don’t directly impact a Google ranking of a website, the network still has a huge deal of potential for SEO value. I believe Facebook impact on SEO is very important and a key factor in the SEO process.

Facebook can be used to build traffic and send the traffic back to your website as your website links can be included on the facebook page. This is something that most SEO’s agree that you should do.


Benefits of using Facebook to help with your SEO

I believe that one great key element about using Facebook with SEO is the fact that you can have a connection and interaction with customers/potential customers, or people who just like your page. It makes it clear to see what people like on your Facebook as they can like,share and comment on posts, this can help your business to get an insight into knowing what your customers want and enjoy from your business and who you want to attract as a potential consumer.

Another ideal area which makes Facebook have an impact on SEO is that it is free and completely in your control. As the business owner you can post what you like when you like for free!

Whereas with business directories only a set amount of formal business information can be added to them. Facebook is more flexible as it doesn’t always have to ‘serious’, it can fun and creative whether it is related to your business or not, posting to keep your profile busy/active. If your Facebook users enjoy what you are posting then that is all part of the process!

You want people to like what you are posting because if they don’t it is pointless from a business point of view and won’t create any sales as they won’t be interested in your business.


What you need to do

One major aspect which really sets Facebook apart in today’s SEO world is Graph Search. Graph Search is the internal search engine Facebook launched in 2013 and is gradually growing.

There are some really easy things you can do within the network so Facebook impacts SEO:

  • Custmoise your Facebook URL
  • Have your page name be your brand or company name, nothing else!
  • Fill out all possible information on the page
  • Use keywords from Google SEO playbook
  • Connect your page to all your other online web presence
  • Use Graph Search to research customers and competitors.

If you want to see the Facebook impact on SEO then they are the simple steps you should follow, you will soon see a difference and so will your business, the better your SEO, the better you business, pretty easy right?


Georgia’s Final Thought

The last thing that I have got to say is that Facebook’s impact on SEO is super beneficial. Yeah, it doesn’t directly get you ranking 1st in Google but it is something that assists this and contributes towards it as Facebook can be the source that directs the traffic and links to your official website.

Don’t miss out on this great, free and easy chance to improve your SEO. You don’t have to be experts at SEO like us here at Pete Duffy, Facebook is the first step into a brighter SEO future for your business.


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