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Google Maps Top 3

Google now only showing top 3 map placements. Yikes!

Google does like to move the goal-posts doesn’t it. As if things weren’t difficult enough, big G has now decided to show the top 3 (a,b,c) results when doing a local search.

As the image shows I typed in “Pizza Shops Liverpool” and while no organic positions have changed, only the top 3 within the maps are visible.


Why Google why?

Because they can, simple as that really. Well the real reason is to sell more Google Adwords. Just imagine your Pizza shop was positioned in location D,E or F and until recently when a search like this was conducted your map, site, telephone and address appeared. Hmm, what to do…Adwords anyone ? :)

Well played Google!


What to do?

Simple. Give Google what it wants (no, not more adwords money, although we can help with that).

  • Optimise your site for the end user and search, ensure you have good/real reviews listed, ensure you post of Youtube and G+ (both Google owned)
  • Ensure your website has good/natural not spammy OTT backlinks. Basically your website should be listed on websites where visitors are likely to be. Simple logic really!


Need help getting a Google Maps top 3 position?

You knew the sales pitch was coming didn’t you! Give us a call on 0151 329 2988 and we’ll give you some free advice and should you need it a quote/proposal for our local SEO work.

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