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Welcome to Pirl Media’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardy – Today’s Lesson: How to get found on Google using SEO in Liverpool.

As I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan I am delighted that JK Rowling has chosen our amazing city to shoot the new Harry Potter prequel – Fantastic Beasts.  As we provide the best SEO in Liverpool we are constantly getting asked questions about what we do, the most popular being – How do I Get Found on Google using SEO?

Well hold on to your broomsticks, because I am going to spell it out for you!

SEO in Liverpool – The Top Three Charms to use to get Found on Google

(1) Casting the Right Keywords

You could say the Google ranking process is as brutal as a game of wizards chess. If you’re going to optimise your site then you need to find the correct keywords. We understand that this can be hard work, but choosing the right keywords is the most important step of your journey if you want to Get Found on Google.

You want to find the best keywords for your business without them being too competitive. The less competition the easier it will be to Get Found on Google. Secondly you will also need to consider whether you want to target a national or local audience.

i.e if you offering a service to your customers that is purely based in Liverpool it’s hardly worth targeting another city, although if you managing an E-commerce site then a national campaign might be right up your ‘Diagon Alley.’

(2) Content is the ‘Port’ Key

Being at the top of Google feels as good as winning the Quaditch Cup. As we are the best agency for SEO in Liverpool we can’t stress enough how important it is to have high quality content on your website. Your content can make or break your reputation on Google!

  • If you want to Get Found on Google then DON’T duplicate your content from a 3rd party website. If you do, your website will be banished quicker than you can say Depulso.’
  • Ensure your web page content is between 300-700 hundred words and also remember to include your target keywords at least 3-4 times.
  • Make sure you’re giving the customer what they want:i.e if your website was for the Defense Against the Dark Arts but your content was all about Herbology then it won’t be long until your customer gets on their broomstick and goes looking elsewhere. So make sure your content is 100% relatable!

(3) ‘REMEMBRALL’ It’s All About the End User

Just like Hogwarts, Google has a strict dress code. No, no we’re not saying your website needs to wear a tie but it certainly needs to look the part if you want to Get Found on Google. The longer a user stays on your site the lower the bounce rate becomes. Google takes your bounce rate into consideration when determining where you should be on the rank.

Tips on how to keep those Muggles on your site:

  • Make sure you include good visual content, this includes video and image. If the end user stops to check out a video they’re going to stay there longer, which in turn means a lower bounce rate for your website.
  • Call to Action is our favourite bewitching spell. You’re basically telling customer what to do without them realising. For example if you’re going to use a form on your website then ensure to use persuasive language such as – ‘Fill in now’, ‘Complete this form to learn more’. Not only are you persuading the customer to stay on your site, but you’re also leaving them wanting more.

SEO in Liverpool: The Ultimate Showdown

If you take this guide in to consideration not only will you become an SEO Wizard like us, but you will also Get Found on Google quicker than you can say Wingradium Leviosa.


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