Facebook, it works

Facebook marketing works but only when done right

OK, so saying something works only when done right it a bit of a “kop out” because we always go out to do something right don’t we, there’s is no ‘lets do something wrong’ and hope for the best. Rant over..!

Facebook marketing is pretty simple really, if you’re going to post something then make it any of the following [funny, witty, relevant] and don’t expect a sale from it, it’s all about putting your name out there, pushing your brand/website/logo etc and when someone wants something you provide customers will remember you and come back, likely through Google.

If you’re interested in a Social Marketing campaign that is in tune with your target customers, we can help. Have a look at our Social Marketing page and share with us any ideas you have.

In the meantime have a look at this video. We are from Liverpool but favour Everton here and we though this was really funny. (Liverpool customer, no offence mean’t)

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