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A Digital Agency in Liverpool – that’s us

Hi, we’re a leading SEO and Digital Agency in Liverpool

You’re likely responsible for all things marketing within your business and need the help of a Liverpool Digital Agency, namely a company with roots in Liverpool that can understand what you are trying to achieve.

Welcome to, this is what we do.

We aren’t the biggest digital agency in Liverpool, we’re quite a small close knit company to be honest, but by using our SEO experience we can rank your website organically on a search engine for your target customers to find it. Simple, effective, easy!


Why choose us as your Liverpool Digital Marketing company then?

Good question.

We have over 20 years experience in digital marketing in Liverpool and if you perform any SEO Liverpool related search query, you’ll see we’re doing OK with what Google wants.

Probably you’ve landed on this page because you’ve searched for something like ‘marketing agency Liverpool’ or ‘marketing companies Liverpool‘ and hey presto here we are.

In answer to the question ‘why choose us as your Liverpool Digital Marketing Company, this is what we can do for your business:

  • Run a full and free technical audit. This will highlight any SEO errors
  • Show you were you are organically placed for your current keywords
  • Suggest new keywords, ones that your customers are searching for
  • Update your website so it (a) performs for the end user, this is called User Experience and (b) optimise for Google
  • Start a full SEO campaign that covers organic keyword improvement, G+ and website management


Contracts…what contracts?

We don’t need a contract because the upshot is we are confident in what we do. You hopefully know that digital marketing and SEO isn’t an overnight success, so don’t be expecting position 1 within a couple of weeks.

However as a client of ours you are contract free and will have access to easy to understand SEO reports showing our work and your websites progress.

If you fancy a free audit and some free advise, simply call us on 0151 329 2988 or fill out the form on this page.


Hi my name is Peter, I run Merseyside Web and I'm passionate about on-line marketing. Interested in my business working for yours? Our £77 per week SEO services mean that it is now cheaper to rank a local site with Liverpools #1 SEO , than most of our competitors occupying the lower positions on Google! Check out our £77pw SEO services!

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