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Generating Content Marketing Ideas for Every Industry

Generating content marketing ideas can sometimes be difficult, particularly if your industry is not well known or is lacking in inspiration. However, this can often work to your advantage. If your industry isn’t well known you have lots of explaining to do in the form of blog posts and articles.

If you’re avoiding writing content as you see no use in it then think again as you could be missing a marketing trick that could take you to the top of your industry. There are many ways of generating content and with my guide you can apply many of these techniques to any type of industry.

So if you think your industry is dull and boring and there won’t be an audience for content marketing then here are a few techniques to spark some interest in your particular industry. These techniques will always ensure you have content no matter what type of business you’re in.

1. Post tutorials

Tutorial blog posts are great pieces of content, you can share your knowledge and sell your services in one. Tutorials work well if you have a particular product that needs further explanation than the product description. You can go into greater detail about specific products and use it as an opportunity to clear up any confusion or even put those negative reviews at bay by emphasising the qualities even more.

Tutorial blog posts come in different forms such as how to’s which give a step by step guide on how to use a product, or video tutorials which are great for giving a real life representation of a product, and they keep the reader engaged!

2. Questions and answers

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Get to know what your customers/clients are interested in and put a list together of the questions you’re regularly asked. The best way to do this is to target social media and be proactive by simply asking your followers what they’d like to know, and this will give you a true insight into their preferences or even what’s bugging them about your brand.

This is sure to be a lengthy piece of content as it’s likely that you have lots of questions which are asked regularly on various social media platforms and directly through your website.

3. Topical news stories

News story blog posts

The best way to keep readers engaged is by jumping on the bandwagon of latest news stories and discussing trending topics, as long as it’s related to your industry! It’s important to be relevant and stay in touch with what’s going on in the world and what people are talking about.

You can use these news stories as a topic for your blog post and inform your readers of these events whilst also giving your personal opinions on the matter. News story blog posts are a bit of relief from bombarding readers with sales posts, whilst still being able to rank top keywords in your industry.

4. Case studies

If you’re looking to create a blog post with minimal effort but one that will generate sales and add authority to your website, case studies are the way to go. The content already exists and is waiting to be used, you’ve provided a service to a customer and now it’s time to write about it!

A case study is evidence of the services you promise to provide. Many people who read these case studies are looking for answers to questions about your services, products and company as a whole.They’re also looking to find out about your experience and a step by step guide of the process you go through when delivering this service. Case studies ultimately provide reassurance to your audience and add legitimacy to your brand.

5. List of top services / products

Listicles are a popular style of blog post. They clearly set out the products and services your customers should be buying into and it helps these products to rank high on Google.

Listicles are an easy and quick read, and visually pleasing as readers are able to see straight away the best products and services you have to offer. Most people are often looking for the best in your industry and a blog post that clearly states this is bound to get many reads!

Laura’s last words on generating content marketing ideas that work for every industry

We all get writer’s block from time to time but if you have a certain format to follow and you apply these blog post styles to all industries you’ll never be stuck for ideas!

Each of these are enough to generate lots of content for your website so there is no excuse not to get involved in content marketing. Follow my quick and easy guide to the top content marketing ideas and your blog section will be thriving and your brand will reap the benefits!

If you want to find out more about content marketing reach out to me via Twitter @foundd_laura or call 0151 329 2988.


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