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How To Keep A Good Relationship With Your Digital Marketing Agency

When looking for a digital marketing agency Liverpool can be the perfect location to start your search. There’s a wide range of agencies to choose from but it’s important to make sure that, when you do find an agency that you want to work with, you make sure to build a great working relationship with them. While there are certain red flags that you should keep your eyes open for regarding the way the agency works with you, you should also make sure that you’re working proactively to keep the relationship peachy on your side too!

Build a relationship with your digital marketing agency

It’s easy to make sure that the contact between you and your marketing agency is friendly, effective, and productive, especially when you follow these simple tips!

Be responsive to your agency’s needs

Life in a digital marketing agency can be fast-paced, as working with a variety of clients who all require different services can be a big task. However, productivity can be drastically improved if the agency knows that if they need anything from you they can expect a quick response from you or your team.

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If your agency requires information or are looking for you to give them help regarding some work that they’re doing for you, then it’s in everyone’s best interest to get back to them as quickly as possible.

Not only does it make their life easier as they can get straight back to work without having to put tasks off, it also means that they can continue to offer you a great service and provide the results you’re looking for. If your agency is hounding you trying to get information, they’re not doing it to annoy you – they’re just trying to help you and your business grow.

Listen to their feedback objectively

It can be hard as a business owner to hear possibly negative feedback regarding an element of your business – it’s your baby and you want to protect not only your company but your own efforts as well. However, if your marketing agency is offering you feedback on your website, social media, or any other element of your business then don’t take it personally! Their opinions are always formed from an outside perspective and are always given with the intention of improving and promoting your brand in the most positive way.

Making sure you listen to them and take the time to consider all of their feedback objectively to ensure that you achieve the best results with the company that’s trying to help you.

Be open with them

No matter how hard they try, the agency that you’re working with will probably almost never be experts in what you do – which can make it hard to pretend they know what they’re talking about when they’re talking for you. Social media and blog posts can be infinitely improved with knowledge of your products, which can usually be gained from your website but can be expanded on with help from you.

Not only this, but if they know exactly what results you’re seeking (i.e. enhancing your social media presence or improving conversions on your website) then they can focus their efforts on producing results in these areas. Being completely open with your agency can help them to help you, and the better that your agency understands your company and its needs, the better the level of service you’ll receive.

Make sure they’re responsive enough for you

Through all of this, your main issue is that you need to guarantee your marketing agency work well with you. If you find that you struggle to receive a reply from them when you’re trying to get in touch, or they aren’t implementing work or changes quickly when you request work from them, then this could lead to major issues down the line.

You need to make sure that you make it clear with your agency, the level of service and the amount of communication you expect from them. If you’re not confident that you’ll receive this in a working relationship with them, make your concerns clear as soon as possible.

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You might have Foundd the best digital marketing agency Liverpool has to offer

If you’ve struggled to work with marketing agencies before now and are worried that you’ll have trouble finding an agency that you can create the perfect relationship with, don’t worry any longer. Here at Foundd, we focus on creating a strong and lasting relationship with all of our clients, as we know that the better bond we have, the better results we can produce.

All of our clients have regular contact with members of the team and we ensure that we not only check in with them often to ask for help and information, but we also reply and act on all correspondence that they send us as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on having great relationships with everyone we work with, which is why we’re confident in saying that we’re the best digital marketing agency Liverpool can offer you and your business.

If you’re interested in speaking to a member of our team to find out how we can help, get in touch with us by giving us a call on 0151 329 0505 or using our quick contact form.

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