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Benefits of Local SEO Services

Effective Ways of Doing Local SEO

Don’t be confused, local SEO is exactly what it says, it’s local

Many people may ask what is different about local SEO services compared to traditional SEO when actually it is really straight forward.

Like traditional SEO, it is all about getting higher organic search engine rankings but in local SEO it is when a customer types in a specific area. For example, when using traditional SEO it would be seen as ‘SEO company’. Whereas with local SEO would be searched as ‘SEO Company Liverpool’, it is narrowing down the search by typing in an area which is the whole local aspect, this will provide you with local SEO companies.

Traditional SEO is done based on links received from other sites, therefore the more the search engine finds, the higher your website will be ranking on the search engine and then you will receive more traffic. Local SEO services differs as it is based on relevant local sites. As it is done locally, Google or which ever search engine it is you use has to take more into consideration than just the links.

A huge part of local SEO is definitely NAP; name, address and phone number. If there is none of these details do you think your phone will be ringing and people will be visiting you? Surely not because they won’t know how to reach you! As this is all about local SEO, the NAP is showing your area, even by your phone number. As we are a local SEO company, our number starts with 0151, showing our area code as Liverpool, this will contribute towards our ranking in Google as Google will recognise this when it is crawling sites to increase our rankings for local SEO.

Being Effective

I think it is about time that we get to the main point and have a look at the effective ways of doing local SEO.

To be successful when using local SEO here are the effective guidelines you should follow:

  • Create a Google my business listing
  • Leave online reviews
  • Use photographs
  • Target the right keywords
  • Encourage and respond to online reviews
  • Engage regularly through social media
  • Optimise your site and content
  • Be consistent
  • Local outreach e.g. backlinks from local websites
  • Ensure your website is responsive
  • Analyse and monitor your results

This may seem like a lot to do and to keep on top of but all great results consist of hard work don’t they. If you want top local SEO rankings ensure you follow these effective ways of doing so.

Main Benefits

The main benefits to come out of local SEO are the reason you should want to opt for local SEO rather than traditional.

  1. Local SEO helps in improving and enhancing the search engine rankings.
  2. Local SEO helps your business to get front page ranking on huge search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google.
  3. Local SEO helps by increasing leads, sales and conversions.

Personally, I would highly recommend giving a local SEO company a try (obviously us), especially small, local businesses who are still yet to be found on the biggest search engine – Google.

Sales bit time… You’ve found this page because you are on the hunt for a local SEO company. HELLO!!! Give us a call on 0151 3292988 or send me a email at georgia@merseyseo.co.uk so I can bend your ear with all things SEO. (sales bit over and out)

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