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Average Cost of SEO

The Average Cost for SEO Services in the UK

Ah, the “Whats the Average Cost for SEO?question. If I had a pound for everytime someone asked me this I would have erm… one pound, because no-one would ever say “the average cost of SEO”. But you probably typed something like that to find this post though I bet :)

Most people, potential clients like you want to know what they will be paying and what they will get in return which is fair enough. It’s a tricky one but I’ll attempt at an answer.

Before I jump in, lets make a few things clear here. I am going to talk about the average SEO cost a customer such as a local retail shop, a cleaning company, MOT Garage will pay, not a multi national blue chip organisation.  Typically they would want:

  • To target between 10 and 20 keywords, averaging out at 15
  • Target a local area (eg) Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester etc..
  • Want to pay less for less and more when they are found high on Google
  • Want help with there blog, content marketing and social media posting


Only Pay for Results not an SEO Prices Package

It’s 2015 and it still makes me laugh when I see other SEO agencies offering SEO Prices Packages! C’mon, how can you package something as intricate as SEO? Here at Pirl Media towers (ak – we charge per keyword based on average keyword results. Think about it for a second, why on earth would you want to pay an SEO ‘top dollar’ every month for ‘not top dollar’ results!?

The process is quite simple here. Depending on the competition in your industry we’ll agree daily a fee per keyword (charged/calculated monthly) for the following Google positions:

  • position #1 top rate
  • position #2 -3 second tier rate
  • position #4-5 third tier rate
  • position #6-10 forth tier rate
  • position #11-20 second page rate
  • position #21+ very low rate

The upshot is that most businesses do not have any rankings and therefore hardly any website enquiries which means they are not likely wanting to pay full price per month until they are receiving the ‘full SEO benefits‘.

We think this is fair and they should pay the lowest price and gradually increase as their keyword positions increase over time. The better the keyword rankings, the more we earn, the more our customers telephone is ringing. Simple/fair!


Search Engine Optimisation Cost – what would you pay?

If you provide a service or product people need/want and your website is high up on Google it’s likely you’re smiling right now. Your phone is ringing, probably lots of visitors are on your website as I type and in general – it’s a good life isn’t it!

But what if you’re not? :(  Either you’re thinking “SEO costs too much and takes too long” or “I’ll just stick to Adwords” << Don’t get me started on that! How much would you pay? What is a customer worth to you right now?

I can tell you that the average cost of our local and monthly SEO ranges between £250 and £350 per month. So lets say you were paying £250 per month which is less than £60 per week, and you had top rankings across Google for your keywords – would that change your business and make you think twice about jumping on the Adwords bandwagon? The answer is simple –  ‘Yes Pete, it would‘.


Average SEO Cost – conclusion

You probably called this answer at the start (but thanks for getting this far) – it just depends on your current market place, amount of competitors and keyword competition.

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