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A blogging discussion; To blog or not to blog

The Question is to blog or not to blog

What is a blog you may ask? Well, blogs are about updating current blogs or adding new material to them. In a blog may topics can be spoken about, places, events, situations, the list goes on! Blogging is based on facts mixed with the blogger’s personal opinions and the main question when it comes to this is to blog or not to blog.

Blogging can be seen as being a loss leader. An easy example of this is how shops/supermarkets sell certain items at a loss to attract customers, same goes for a blog, no money is made out of the blog but it is a form of attracting people to the actual website where the business can be found and people can begin to spend money.


Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is quite a big necessity and one of the areas which leads to the success and profitability of the website. Although writing a blog doesn’t give you an income directly it is a big way and opportunity to gain sales.

Main Benefits of Blogging:

  1. Increases search engine traffic.
  2. Humanizes your brand.
  3. Supports your social media initiatives.
  4. Builds authority in your industry.
  5. Improves conversion rate.
  6. Helps generate inbound links.
  7. Helps you rank for long tail search queries.
  8. Increases leads.
  9. Facilitates valuable discussion.
  10. Allows you to achieve freshness.

Blogging on your company’s website is truly one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It gives small businesses the opportunity to compete with big businesses who have big budgets, it levels out the ‘playing field’ with the big brand.

The main and biggest benefit is how the blog directs traffic to your site, helps with your SEO rankings and converts that traffic into potential leads for the business.


The Negative Side to Blogs

If there is always a good side to something, it is guaranteed there will be negatives to it too! So here we go, here they are…

If you are trying to write a blog for the first time you will need some form of help and guidance into writing it and to do this you may need to look at other blogs online. However there are many dull blogs around and it could end up taking you a while to develop a good, interesting blog post if you end up looking at poor blogs online.

There are many ‘blog trolls’ and opinionated people out there on the internet who are not scared to share their comments whether they are good or bad.

So, as blogs are a way to express your opinions on a topic, others may disagree with you or even leave rude/inappropriate comments on your blog, and I doubt that these comments are going to make you feel good about yourself or your blog!

Another downside is the fact of the time and effort you will take to create a blog which in the end once completed may not even get seen or read! It could leave you thinking what is the point?


Georgia’s Final Thought

Overall my final thought is; if you want to contribute to the success of your company and share your opinions on a topic, get blogging!

When I first started blogging I wasn’t the best but now I am creating numerous blogs everyday, so if I can do it so can you!

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