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3 Ways Your Business Can Use Email Marketing

Email marketing has been a staple of multi-channel marketing campaigns for longer than we can remember. It’s easy, quick, direct, and doesn’t seem to require much marketing know-how.

However, it can be an extremely powerful tool when used in the right way, helping you to connect with your customers/leads and even generate new business.

Here are 3 of the best ways to use email marketing to boost your marketing campaign!

Promotional Mailshots

If your business has a new offer or deal available and you want to spread the word, a promotional mailshot is a great way of telling all of your existing customers about it.

A mailshot should contain all of the basic details of the offer you’re marketing, as well as a direct link to a landing page or the specific product page where the customer can it buy from you.

Make the email eye-catching but simple, you don’t want to hide the offer behind fancy graphics, it should speak for itself!

Email Buying Prompts

Another way of boosting sales with direct mail marketing is through email prompts. These can be used in several situations to remind the customer about their interest in your product and can be the difference between making the sale or not.

Especially useful email buying prompts include:

Basket reminders for customers who quit shopping while checking out
Emails marketing relevant accessories or upsells after a purchase
Check-ins after 6 months, a year, or two years marketing newer products, upgrades, or replacements


To keep your customers or clients up to date with company news, industry events, or anything else, you could consider setting up a monthly or quarterly newsletter to be sent to your entire
mailing list.

Try to avoid writing a sales-y newsletter – this isn’t the best way for you to get sales and you might end up destroying the trust your customers have in you if you push too hard.

Instead, take this opportunity to connect with your customers, communicating plainly with them. A newsletter helps to keep your brand fresh in people’s minds (and inboxes!), reminding them that they have the option of buying from you.

Start Your Email Marketing Campaign With Foundd

These are just three of the possible uses for direct email marketing, there are a huge range more that you can explore!

We offer email marketing services to our clients who want to connect directly with their customers, building branded templates that’ll help them to achieve their individual goals.

Mailchimp email marketing

MailChimp is the world’s largest email marketing platform


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