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20 Years and counting

We’ve got 20 years SEO Experience in the bag

Before you decide on an SEO company you must do your home work and make sure they can do the job.

By this I mean understand who is in the team, what their job role is, and how long they have worked there.

Alot (90%) of SEOs have a high staff turnover because of one reason or another, mainly because it’s a complex job in truth, so for heavens sake do your homework before you pay out any money. Get a free audit, get an understanding of who they work for and what success they’ve had over the ‘years’.


Our doors are open, the kettle is on and we have cakes in!

Here at Pirl Media our doors are open, so feel free to pop in and meet our team. At the point of writing this we have exactly 20.5 years experience between us, and we are only a small close knit team.

Our team is growing and day by day, week by week gaining more valuable experience. In short if you are looking for an experienced Digital team in Liverpool to promote your website, we’re a good choice.

Pop in anytime at Pete Duffy 1 Clock Tower Park, Fazakerley, Liverpool. L10 1LD

Hi my name is Peter, I run Merseyside Web and I'm passionate about on-line marketing. Interested in my business working for yours? Our £77 per week SEO services mean that it is now cheaper to rank a local site with Liverpools #1 SEO , than most of our competitors occupying the lower positions on Google! Check out our £77pw SEO services!

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