The Institution of Railway Operators

A Beast of a WordPress Website

By far one of the most complex WordPress websites on the web today is The Railway Operators..where do we start?  Originally contacted by another development firm from down south we were asked to pick up where they had left off.

Back in May 2012 we were asked by the IRO to completely re-do their website and include modules (see below) as standard. We also hosted the website and advised on SEO/Social Media moving forward:
What’s under the bonnet:

  1. Payment integration
  2. Forms
  3. Logins for Teachers
  4. Logins for Students
  5. Ecommerce
  6. Create a Course facility

To be frank there isn;t enough space on this page to tell you what this website does by all you need to do is contact them or just browse through the site, you’ll soon see for yourself.  This is WordPress development at its best!


We approached Pirl media to take over the development of this website. The site is done and is great. It takes bookings, payments, courses and has a tutor login area.

Leigh Scott , The Institution of Railway Operators